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Exhibition six

Exhibition Six Season Two: 24 April – 28 May 2024
Artist: Ela Tukuhaukava

Improved Objects

2023 – 2024
Found objects, shells, plastic ornaments

Creativity has become a way of life for Kelston resident Ela Tukuhaukava.  The artist enjoys painting and ink work, object adornment and creative writing. The adorned objects presented in the noticeboard include items purchased at the Nikau Superette.

Ela is a member of the Māpura Studios Studio Practice group. They work in a self-directed manner, identifying and developing ideas of their own choosing; they are encouraged to gather resources and undertake simple research towards their work. Many of the artists become very enthused about this – and are dedicated in their research, exploring new ideas and ways of working not only in the studio but at home. 

Ela was born in New Zealand, but traveled to Australia and Tonga. Her life in Tonga has helped shape and develops Ela’s creativity and art practice.  She likes playing music and dancing in the Tongan way.