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Exhibition Five

Exhibition Five Season Two: 22 March – 19 April 2024
Artist: Jody Yawa McMillan


2020 – 2024
Embroidery thread, material, frames sourced from local op shops; Stuffing repurposed from the wool in Hello Fresh deliveries; Paints salvaged from surplus at work.

Stitches used: Spiders web, Split, Rosette, French knot, Moss, Battlement Couching, Cretan, Palestrina, Soft Shading, Outline, Running, Scroll, Seed, Blanket, Pinwheel, Chain, Cloud, Colonial, Coral and Fishbone

McMillan shares her samplers, a collection of embroidery swatches created during the confines of our first lockdown in April 2020. As the world closed up, McMillan found solace in a new craft, channelling her energy into learning to embroider. The works created reflects her journey through homeschooling, feeling isolated and itching to break from her bubble.

Drawing inspiration from a ‘A-Z of Wool Embroidery’ unearthed from her bookshelf, McMillan went on a voyage of exploration, delving into the techniques of embroidery. Each piece in this collection serves as a swatch, a playground where she experiments with colours, patterns and stitches.

Jody Yawa McMillan is an artist based in Avondale. She is a founding trustee of Whau The People.